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Well, That's Embarrassing
Glacier Park In Montana Set To Remove "Glaciers Will All Be Gone By 2020" Signs

Montana’s Glacier National Park is being forced to remove all signs that read “glaciers will all be gone by 2020,” after the doomsday scenario didn’t happen.
[Image: 090119glacier.jpg]
Some of the signs were already removed last year as it became clear the prediction wasn’t going to unfold.
Now the rest of the signs will have to be taken down too.
Glacier National Park spokeswoman Gina Kurzmen “told MTN News that the latest research shows shrinking, but in ways much more complex than what was predicted. Because of this, the park must update all signs around the park stating all glaciers will be melted by 2020,” reports 8KPAX.
[Image: Glacier-National-Park-Removes-Signs-2020-750x394.jpg]
In the late 90’s and early 2000s, scientists predicted that man-made global warming would cause melting glaciers, leading to rapidly rising sea levels that would sink coastal cities and towns.
The more dire forecasts have proven to be totally inaccurate and some glaciers are now growing.
Back in June, NASA reported that the Jakobshavn Glacier in western Greenland had thickened and “has grown for the third year in a row.”
The glacier prediction is by no means the only forecast global warming alarmists have got spectacularly wrong.
At the end of the 70’s, climate experts said that a new ice age was coming. It didn’t happen.
Paul Erlich’s prediction that hundreds of millions of people would die of starvation due to crop failure by the 1980’s also didn’t happen.
The 2004 prediction that major European cities would be underwater and that Britain would be plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020 didn’t happen.

Al Gore’s doomsday warning that the Arctic would have ice free summers by 2013 didn’t happen either.
Maybe since these “experts” been caught lying time and time again, we should stop listening to them.
They have been shrinking.
Your retort is even more embarrassing.

Maybe they should put that on the sign. LMAO
I think they learned .

The glaciers are shrinking. Stone cold fact
I'm guessing you got your information from the same people that said they'd be gone by 2020. LMAO.
It's something that can be , and has been, measured.
Quote:It's something that can be , and has been, measured.
Who did the measuring, autistic Pippi Longstonckings who doesn't go to school?

The glaciers are still here and the dumb asses have to take down their stupid signs.
Instead of measuring you might wanna open your eyes. lmao
Take down the signs, fine. They're bad for business.
But the facts are the facts. Glaciers are melting worldwide.
Quote:Take down the signs, fine. They're bad for business.
Ya think? Typical Democrat crazy that can't see the ridiculousness of it all.

Quote:But the facts are the facts. Glaciers are melting worldwide.
Just not these! LMAO

You might wanna check with a doctor for your PTSD. ROTFLMAO
If you believe your article. Those are as well.

We can debate whether it's manmade or not. If it's good or bad. Is it just a natural earth aging issue or not.

But there is no debate that they are shrinking world wide. Because it is a fact.

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