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PFAs in local drinking water
The well feeding into our house is under the federal safe guidelines. So it is safe, riiight ! But it very high in other parts of town and state. PFA= plastic. We know precisely the sources. And the dangers are well chronicled.  Nobody cares to do anything about it except issue warnings and piss and moan, probably because municipalities are one on the sources.

There is a plethora of articles all over the web. Here are a couple.
If you would have looked at my post "Environmental Hell" you would know when and where the problem started and that that is where the money was going to be made.

RT has an excellent documentary on the plastic problem.
You will have to look to see when it airs again.
An entrée to go along with their cocktails.

Quote:The risk of health problems increases with the amount of contaminated fish you eat. Following these advisories will help protect you from excess PFOS exposure and other contaminants found in fish, including mercury and PCBs. The advisories could change in the future as the DNR and DHS continue to learn more about the health risks from eating fish caught from this area and more fish data become available.
 The best advisory would be not to eat the fish you catch. If you can afford it !
The difference between us is that while I don't think poisonous materials should be dumped into the waterways, I also don't think poisonous crap should be shot into babies in the form of vaccines.
Medicine is almost by definition, poison. In most cases it needs to kill something.
Huh! I thought it was to heal. For thousands of years that was the purpose of natural medicines. Some of us still use those time-tested treatments. "First, do no harm."
natural medicine have a levels of toxicity as well.
There are toxic herbs and plants, but these aren't medicines. That would make no sense.
What ! Ever heard of dosage ? If there were no toxins there would be no overdoses or reactions.
Do you think they are magic and inherently and totally harmless.
Find me a common herb that comes with a side effects warning included inside the packaging.
Now, get out your warfarin or other Big Pharma poison and see if you can say that.

I don't disagree there can be reactions between drugs and herbs, that's why you shouldn't take drugs.

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