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Nitrites in local drinking water
Unsafe levels of nitrites that is. Especially in the large sandy expanses of central WI. Something that could be avoided if we wanted to.

Wells in that region have effectively been owned corporate potato growers. They irrigate with impunity in places where they probably should not.

We were in Stevens Point last year for a Sp Olympics tournament. We stayed in a motel south of Plover which is on the north end of potatoland. After spending two nights there we discovered a "business card" size warning tucked away behind the Kleenex box on the sink warning about the unsafe tap water in the motel. The motel was loaded with folks with compromised health conditions.
I think I stayed at that motel! When I was on the road in the 80s there were plenty of motels without potable water. I always wondered how they could be in business.

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