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Where's Obama Been
How Obama Ran The Coup

For three years a sitting president has been hounded on false allegations and hearsay. After squandering millions of taxpayer dollars on phony probes, he has been acquitted.
How did the Democrats succeed so in a Republican administration? Ask Barack Obama. He knew his successor would dismantle his legacy, a legacy globalist progressives – both Democrats and Republicans in name only (RINOs) – had fought long and hard for. Hillary Clinton was to carry it on, but instead Trump is killing it. Since Obama knew this could happen, he and his team devised a plan to salvage what he wrought and ensure it carried on after his departure. The process he started during his administration would continue through his self-declared “shadow government.”
He knew he had the structure to accomplish his plan. The White House, Departments of Justice, State, Defense and the intelligence agencies are the core of any administration and were replete with his people. Plus the media as always would stay loyal to his progressive ideology and globalist RINOs weren’t about to help an establishment outsider and proclaimed nationalist.
In the unlikely event of a Trump victory, the plan had to include four-parts: a) Clinton crimes and exoneration; b) Trump-Russia collusion; and, if Hillary lost, c) an special counsel probe; and d) an impeachment.

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