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Famous Muslim Whore
Muslim fame whore Ilhan Omar is a Congressperson from Minnesota who clearly hates America and all it represents because the country’s wealth and resplendence remind her of why she had to flee her Somalian homeland back in the late 1990s.
In 2002 she married some Muslim guy in a Muslim ceremony that was not officially recognized because they didn’t file any legal papers. Then, in 2009, she employed the services of a Christian minister to get hitched to someone named “Ahmed Elmi” who, at first glance, seems extremely gay. This is how Mr. Elmi was able to get his green card.
She divorced Elmi a couple years later and then remarried her original Muslim husband. Then she ditched him last year in favor of a married white guy who helps her raise funds for her political endeavors.
Now cometh forth a certain Abdihakim Osman, a member of Minnesota’s secretive and insular Somali community, claiming that the very swishy Mr. Ahmed Elmi is in fact Omar’s brother and she only married him so he could acquire American citizenship and get financial aid for college, even though he was dumb enough to choose a college in North Dakota.
Through an interpreter, Osman told a reporter:
Quote:People began noticing that Ilhan and [her Muslim husband] were often with a very effeminate young guy. He was very feminine in the way he dressed — he would wear light lipstick and pink clothes and very, very, short shorts in the summer. People started whispering about him. [Her Muslim husband] and Ilhan both told me it was Ilhan’s brother….
If this is true, a sitting US Congresswoman has committed the felony of marriage fraud. We’re willing to call it even if she accepts a one-way plane ticket back to Somalia, assuming there are airports there.

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