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Shut it down ?
Investor Bill Ackman urged President Donald Trump and corporate America in an impassioned plea on CNBC to shut down the country for 30 days to contain the fast-spreading coronavirus, calling it the only option to rescue the economy.
That's just plain stupid. Shut down the economy to rescue it. Sheesh!
A couple of weeks.

It is practically shut down now. Trump already blew his only tools for a recession. It appears that COVID 19 is not a hoax and that we a ways away from the peak, for which we have no idea what it will be.
Yep, most stuff is shut down, but I'm not sure it is necessary. If you go by the numbers, this isn't as bad as the annual flu or two.

It sure does make one thing clearly evident: We need to bring manufacturing back to our own country.
We can agree that we need to bring vital manufacturing back to the US. We can deal with a little inflation.

Numbers of infected are still relatively low. But the growth rate of those infected is very high and increasing as we speak. We can't treat it right now. The only thing we can do now is just stay the hell away from other people.

Without consumption or production are economy is going to hell anyway. We can give a shot now or we can be dealing with it for months to come.

On the political front it looks like it will be Biden v Bernie junior for prez in November.
Even at its peak in China the percentages were barely a blip given total population.

According to the business economics guys I listen to, this will be a depression (they've been predicting) not just a  recession.

Not a fan of Trump but he is still better than any Democrat.
China did shut.

I haven't heard a peep about a depression.

This is a good test for Trump. But giving $ 1,000 to everyone ! WTF !. That is pure political pandering
Quote:China did shut.
Sure did but their percentages of dead was not as bad as say the Spanish Flu.

Quote:This is a good test for Trump.
I would say this is a trying test for the entire country. At this point I am not very impressed with any of the agencies involved. For example, Fauci has been in charge of the virus agency since 1984 and he seems, maybe not clueless, but not necessarily competent either.

Quote:But giving $ 1,000 to everyone ! WTF !. That is pure political pandering
Anymore so than Obama's Free Phones?
Don't think we can compare to the Spanish Flu. But any optimism is good.

Don't know what to think about the CDC. The fact that our only option with the virus is to bend over and take it, is a little unnerving.

I never got that phone or an offer. And I needed one then.
Quote:I never got that phone or an offer. And I needed one then.
It's because you aren't black and Obama is a racist.

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